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    Re: [RC] [Guest] Hauling a gooseneck with a shortbox truck - Joe Long

    On Mon, 23 Sep 2002 00:56:42 -0400, Roger Rittenhouse
    <roger@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > Sue the problem will be as you say - depending on the shape of the Gn
    >front end. A square nose will hit for sure.. and that could be on ANY
    >tight turn
    If the trailer is square-nosed AND 7.5 feet or wider, yes.  A
    seven-foot wide trailer will not touch, even when ninety degrees to
    the truck, going forward or back.  
    >They make a special sliding  GN hitch assembly - it is in the bed of
    >the truck - when you will make a tight turn you get out pull a handle
    >then pull forward  - the hitch will slide back in the bed about a foot
    >and the trailer will not hit the truck
    >Then you are suppose to stop and get straight then back up to
    >reposition the hitch assembly. You cannot or should not pull very far
    >with the hitch in the 'rear' position. It will put the load of the
    >GN/trailer behind the rear axle  very dangerous  handling.
    >The hitch is quite costly - look up on web?? and some shops prefer not
    >to install them due a liability issue.
    I don't recommend these.  A lot of camper trailers are eight feet wide
    and square-nosed, though, and they cannot be safely pulled with a
    shortbed without one.
    >My suggestion would be to NOT do this, but IF you must then a taper
    >nosed trailer is better - it will give you a few more inches to make
    >the turn.. but no matter what  you will never be able to 'jack' your
    >trailer to 90 degrees to make turns and you will hit the ..
    When I researched this, I not only checked out trailering websites and
    mail lists, I used a tape measure to measure the trailer I was
    considering buying.  I did the math (even made drawings).  The math
    told me the trailer would not interfere, and that has proven to be the
    case.  It is a featherlite 3-horse slant with camper conversion
    (forced-air heat, hot and cold running water, shower).  My hitch ball
    is a couple of inches forward of the centerline of the rear axle,
    exactly where the manufacturer recommends.
    >Get a long  bed - standard truck   OR a bumper pull
    >Others will tell you they do it all the time.. look around at a ride
    >see many GN on short beds???.. if you see any look for bashed trailer nose
    >and truck cabs
    Oh, yes, I also looked around ride camps, and saw people with short
    bed trucks pulling goosenecks.  I didn't see any bashed trailers or
    cabs.  Probably because not many horse trailers are over seven feet
    wide, and those that are usually have tapered goosenecks.
    I did look at one *custom-made* horse trailer that was square-nosed
    and 7.5 feet wide.  That was one reason I didn't buy it.
    There is another problem, though, with either a short or long bed.  I
    have a 4WD truck, which has quite a high bed.  Even with the trailer
    adjusted so that it is slightly high in front when hitched, I only
    have about six or seven inches clearance between the bottom of the
    gooseneck and the sidewalls (and tailgate) of the truck.  I am very
    careful driving over steep humps or dips, and in campgrounds.  Even
    so, I'll probably end up dinging it someday.  Taking off the tailgate
    is not an option; not only do I need to keep my stuff from falling out
    of the bed, the gooseneck is wider than the truck at that point and if
    it would hit the tailgate, it's gonna hit the sidewall(s) anyway.
    Joe Long
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    [RC] [Guest] Hauling a gooseneck with a shortbox truck, Roger Rittenhouse