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    Re: [RC] show endurance - SandyDSA

    Well...I just can't HELP it! Our 17 year old stallion Salazar - who should by all rights be lolligagging in the pature - who is about 35 mile fit after a heart deal - is up for our California Circuit Show Stallion Year-End High Point Award! Little stinker! He just rolls right through the halter (BOR-ing!), western, English, and eats and drinks his way through the day. All the other horses were jealous of both his feedbag (from Trail-Rite) and his continually refilled water bucket. He came home this evening yelling to all his "girls" about his adventure! They CAN do endurance and show - just be careful about your expectations. Athletes are not well rewarded in shows. Now ....snaky, hooky, trotty, stretchy....THAT is bug STUFF! (But I wouldn't want to ride it too far!)