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    [RC] ] show endurance - Rides 2 Far

    > It's a shame that so many show folks don't realize that a horse needs 
    The worst case I've seen of a horse "going down" was not at an endurance
    ride. It was at a horse show. The little Appaloosa had been ridden in all
    the speed events, then they decided to have a "Broomstick Polo" game. 
    There had never been one of those in our part of the country but
    apparently some all Appaloosa shows had them. I don't know if this fellow
    had been watered, but looking back it was an obvious metabolic crash, but
    more dramatic than any I've seen since. He just went down and lay there. 
    He made it up and they took him home, but I never saw him again and that
    guy sort of got out of horses. He really loved that horse and my guess is
    it probably died or foundered.  Pure ignorance.
    My daughter had a dressage lesson at a vet's farm last week. After the
    lesson she offered us a drink. I said, "I brought a cooler". Then she
    told me where to spray off the horses. "I brought water and sponges". 
    She rolled her eyes and said, "Oh yeah, *endurance riders are always
    prepared*. :-)
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