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    [RC] [Guest] Post-race Press Release: Ride and Tie Championship! - John A. Teeter

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    Subject: Post-race Press Release: Ride and Tie Championship!
    Michele Jay-Russell fleabit1@xxxxxxx
    There were some wonderful events near Truckee, California in Euer Valley
    last Saturday including the annual Ride and Tie Championship plus a short
    course RaT, ultra run, biathalon, and 25 and 50 mile endurance rides.  For
    ridecampers not familiar with the sport of RaT, check out the website at
    http://www.rideandtie.org.  RaT training can be a great adjunct to endurance
    training--its striking to see the number of successful competitors in
    endurance who also compete in RaT.  Personally, I love it because the
    training inspires me to keep fit with my horse.  Likewise, I think my horse
    loves it because its like playing a game with his two human partners.  If
    this sport sounds intriguing, you can find contact information for potential
    partners and mentors at the website.
    Go Ride and Tie!
    32nd Annual National Ride & Tie Championship Results Announced
    Wadsworth Brothers Return to Win Fifth Championship Title
    September 10, 2002  Truckee, California  The Ride & Tie Association, the
    national sports organization dedicated to promoting the combined running and
    equine endurance sport of Ride & Tie, today announced the results of the
    2002 Ride & Tie Championship, held at the Euer Ranch in Truckee, California,
    September 7, 2002.
    This years Championship event, organized by Ride & Tie veteran Laura
    Christofk, attracted 38 teams of two humans and one horse, of which, 35
    completed the three-loop, 31.4-mile mountainous course ranging between 6500
    and 7300 feet elevation. The winning team averaged 6.6-minute miles.
    This years winning team, brothers Con and Tod Wadsworth riding Baurakal
    Khan, completed the rough terrain course in a winning time of 3:28:00.
    Second place went to Jim Howard, holder of five Ride & Tie Championship
    titles, and his partner Dennis Rinde on Magic Sirocco who came in just 17
    seconds behind the winners. The coveted Best Conditioned Horse award went
    to Zar Za Fire owned by Skip Lightfoot and ridden by Tom Johnson and Jeremy
    Reynolds who placed third overall, with a time of 3:46.
    The first century division team, with a combined age of over 100 years, went
    to Brad Hawthorne and Dennis Tracy, on Benji, for a time of 3:54 and taking
    fourth place overall. Immediately following them in fifth place was the
    first woman-man team to finish, Mary Tiscornia and Sid Sullivan on Albi with
    a time of 4:10. Mary Tiscornia has started all 32 Ride & Tie championships
    and holds 30 completion buckles, the coveted Ride & Tie championship trophy.
    The first woman-woman team to finish and taking tenth place overall, were
    newcomers to the sport, Jennie Spearin and Cara Ravencroft on Finaaly.
    The sport of Ride & Tie is not for the weekend dabbler or the faint of
    heart. It requires practice, stamina, and perseverance from all three team
    members. Training for Ride & Tie is unique and challenging in that it
    requires major time commitments from two humans plus a rigorous horse
    training schedule; and even that doesnt guarantee a win.
    Ive never won the overall title but I keep trying, says Tom Gey, 49, of
    Newport Beach, California who has competed in 12 championships and numerous
    regional events. Ride & Tie requires marathon-like training for all team
    members and it requires keen strategy that can only be achieved through
    practice. For me, its a great way to stay in shape and spend time with my
    For Tom Gey and his family, the Ride & Tie Championship is a family affair.
    Tom and his sister-in-law Elaine Ruprecht, 36, of Colfax, California, rode
    their 20-year-old Arabian gelding named Freedom in this years Championship.
    They were the second woman-man team to finish and placed 8th overall with a
    time of 4:45, moving up one place over last years standings. Other family
    members competing were Elaines sister Carol Ruprecht, 43, and their father
    Ted Ruprecht, 74, of Trinidad, California who rode their 12-year-old Arabian
    gelding Findefar to finish 28th overall in a time of 6:19 in the century +10
    division. This event marked Teds 21st
    championship, but certainly not his last.
    2002 National Ride & Tie Championship - Results
    Place	Division	Partner 1	Partner 2	Horse	Time
    1	M/M	Con Wadsworth	Tod Wadsworth	Baurakal Khan	3:28
    2	M/M	Jim Howard	Dennis Rinde	Magic Sirocco	3:28
    3	Pro-Am	Tom Johnson	Jeremy Reynolds	Zar Za Fire*	3:46
    4	Century	Brad Hawthorne	Dennis Tracy	Benji	3:54
    5	M/W	Mary Tiscornia	Sid Sullivan	Albi	4:10
    6	Century	John Osterweis	Mark Richtman	Victor	4:18
    7	Century +10	Warren Hellman	Jeff Townsend	Sam	4:23
    8	M/W	Elaine Ruprecht	Tom Gey	Freedom Fermee	4:45
    9	Century	Tom Christofk	Christoph Shork	Zaraf	4:46
    10	W/W	Jennie Spearin	Cara Ravencroft	Finaaly	4:47
    11	W/W	Marcia Smith	Shellie Hatfield	Sweet Pea	4:50
    12	W/W	Michele Shaw	Gabrielle Mann	Furn	4:59
    13	Pro-Am	Mike Tracy	Shan Han	Aron Moon	5:00
    14	Century +20	Lew Hollander	Doug Madsen	Mis P	5:04
    15	Century	James Oury	Matt Guzik	Starzehn	5:07
    16	Junior	Shannell Bolsta	Clara Holland	Shaad	5:10
    17	Century	Bryon Grant	Paul Johnson	Sha Na Na	5:18
    18	M/W	Michele Jay-Russell	Doyle Eggers	Stashi	5:18
    19	M/W	Linda Mornell	Eric Peters	Macho	5:18
    20	M/W	Curt Riffle	Ellen Rinde	Magic	5:36
    21	M/M	Calvin Paulette	Bill Stockmar	Fyre	5:36
    22	Cemtiru	Jim Brown	Hal Hall	Negask	5:38
    23	M/M	Frank Lieberman	Jerome Beauchamp	Judy	5:42
    24	M/W	Dave Van Wicklin	Megan Hartop	Jazz	5:52
    25	W/W	Terrie Anderson	Sonja Woods	CoCo	6:01
    26	W/W	Melissa Ribley	Kerie Mathews	Oak Hill Rambler	6:05
    27	Century+10	Robin Klaus	David Tarpinian	Refique	6:13
    28	Century +10	Carol Ruprecht	Ted Ruprecht	Findefar	6:19
    29	W/W	Debby Lyon	Peggy Jern	Rd Famous	6:20
    30	W/W	Tara Rothwell	Cynthia Lusk	Tq Hot	6:21
    31	M/W	David Howe	Bethany Pappani	Otis	7:01
    32	W/W	Karen Wolfsheiner	Geneveive Proulx	-------	7:42
    33	M/W	Tracie Van Wicklin	Jorge Zambrano	Starfire	7:57
    34	Pro-Am	Thom Steere	Max Macvenable	Bombay	8:00
    35	Century	George Hall	Don Betts	Gavilan	8:05
    * Zar Za Fire won Best Conditioned Horse award
    About The Ride & Tie Organization
    The Ride & Tie Organization is a non-profit equine organization dedicated to
    promoting the sport of Ride & Tie and safe endurance horse management. Over
    150 years old, the sport originated in the old West, where frontiersmen
    discovered two men could travel great distances at a fast pace without
    wearing down the horse if they traded off. The sport was revitalized and
    gained national attention in 1971 when Levi Strauss sponsored the Ride & Tie
    Championships. The organization offers a mentoring program for adventurous
    athletes, hosts practice Ride & Ties, organizes regional and national
    events, and contributes articles and spokespeople to complementary running
    and endurance riding events and forums. For more information about Ride &
    Tie, visit the web site at www.rideandtie.org or call 650 949 2321.
    #     #     #
    Biz Eischen
    Ride & Tie publicity
    408 472 1081
    Curt Riffle
    President, Ride & Tie Organization
    650 949 2321
    Laura Christofk
    2002 Ride & Tie Championship organizer
    530 268 8647
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