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  • - Truman Prevatt

    [RC] Mosquito fish for WNV, 2nd try - beth glover

    Hi . Sorry that didn't go through, and I don't know why. Briefly...we have had very good control of mosquitos in the area of our ag. pond which is about 75 feet,  using mosquito fish. They are provided for free by Vector control . We had given a bucket of them to a neighbor and I checked them this week, they are thriving and reproducing already. They give live birth like guppies. We raise  Koi and "one" bluegill for our algae control, but the mosquito fish populate the surface area of the water and eliminate mosquito larvae. Here are two links for the fish, but if you type in mosquito fish or vector control onto the search engine Google, you get a number of good resources around the country. Here are the links.




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