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    Re: [RC] [RC] Sport Saddles - loin rub - Lucy Chaplin Trumbull

    << Also, once you have your first one, you realize that
    you wanted all of these other options, so you sell it
    and get a better one. >>

    Hah. That's the truth!

    We're on our fifth SS (still have three).

    * Bought me a new 14.5" endurance model
    * Bought Patrick a used 15.5" schooling and training model
    * Rode in Patrick's saddle (and loved it - nice and secure)
    * Sold my 14.5" endurance model (wanted the S&T deeper seat)
    * Bought me a new 15" schooling and training model <g>
    * Bought a used 15.5" barrel racer as a "spare"
    * Sold Patrick's 15.5" S&T to a friend (who loves it)
      (it was on the small side for Patrick)
    * Bought Patrick a new 15.5" endurance model
      (the lower pommel/cantle make the seat larger)

    (are you picking up a pattern here?)

    Anyway, it just takes a while to figure out what you
    like with all the different variations - pommel size,
    cantle size, cheyenne roll, where to put the stirrups,
    what size seat to get, how the rigging works, etc.

    Mouse and I just finished our first two-day ride - and
    our first NATRC ride - we went and did the Silver Spurs
    ride just up the road and had a blast. Mouse thinks the
    point of rides is for her to eat as much as she possibly
    can, so she was more cheerful than I've ever seen her.
    She did a whole 50+ miles over two-days and I am the
    proudest Mum alive of how she dealt with the whole thing.
    Yay, Mouse!  (OK, so we didn't exactly ace the obstacle
    part, but at least we got the idea... <grin>)

    Unfortunately, after riding her on and off in my SS for
    nearly five years, this weekend the saddle chose to rub
    her loin bald. <sigh>  She is the quintessential
    aforementioned short-backed horse. :)

    I'm thinking it just started to rub because:

    (a) I've been riding more miles than ever before with her
    (b) I started to double-rig the saddle (using a long latigo
        from the back cinch ring to the cinch and up to the
        front cinch ring... think this might have been a bit
        *too* snug fitting for her.
    (c) She's coming to the end of her summer coat (OK, it was
        just a theory...)

    Apart from Kathy Kelly (who said that using center fire
    rigging *cured* her loin rubbing problem... <oh great>),
    does anyone else have any ideas on prevention?

    I'm going to start by ditching the center-fire rigging
    and going back to just using the front cinch ring (since
    I ride with a crupper, this shouldn't make too much

    And my other idea is to have at it on the inserts. I ride in
    either a Skito or a Woolbak, with standard inserts and
    shoulder shims (she is high-withered, and this helps clear
    them). I'm thinking I just have to shave the back of the
    inserts to make them thin (or cut them off short). The
    place that has rubbed is a few inches behind the cantle,
    so isn't a weight-bearing area.

    Any other thoughts?

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
    elsie AT foothill DOT net
    Repotted english person in Sierra Foothills, California
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