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    Re: [RC] pattern for half chaps? - Laurie Durgin

     could use your araits as a pattern also. lay flat , use newspaper to mark it.I made a pair off  of my suede ones. That little flair in front is important, or you can cut a triangle.Velcro works great. Just make sure you sew leather onto the velcro for strength as the velcro by itself seems to get worn with time. Lauriee and Rascal
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    From: Lynn Kinsky
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    Subject: Re: [RC] pattern for half chaps?
    >A local leather working shop just went out of business (PHS for those of
    >you who've shopped their catalog) and had an auction.  I ended up with 3
    >boxes of scrap leather and suede.  Some of the suede is big enough to
    >make some half chaps so I was wondering if anyone had a pattern for
    >making some.  I don't really want to do a zipper and Velcro only will be
    >easier anyhow.  I've got to replace the Ariats I've been using - too
    >If someone has some old half chaps that they were going to throw away, I
    >could probably work something from that.

    Suitability has a half-chaps pattern:

    Lynn Kinsky     Santa Ynez, CA

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