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    Re: [RC] WNV - Lindak

    I live in very dry, low mosquito volume, SoWest Riverside county, here in sunny So. Calif.  BUT Murrieta Equine & Surgery (where my vet works out of) is recommending the WNV vaccines.  I have given my 25 y.o. Arab mare both of hers, and my 3 y.o. TWH has had her first shot on 9/1, with the second to be given at the end of this month.  My vet feels if the virus really kicks in here in So Cal, there may not be enough vaccine to go around given the huge equine population.  So I'm playing it safe, and giving the shots NOW myself at $25.00 each. (The vet has also seen my horses within the last six months which is why he agreed to let me do my own "shooting"  which saves me a $40.00 service call fee each visit:).

    [RC] WNV, SandyDSA