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    [RC] Jerez -long loops, short holds - Rides 2 Far

    The course has very long loops and short holds, so these 
    > stops will
    > probably be very important during the ride.
    Every time I think about this it makes me sick. I was so disgusted when
    Michael Stone commented that the Pan Ams in Vermont were successful, but
    that he was concerned that the many vet checks were bad for the sport. 
    He claimed that he feared it made it possible for the riders to push
    their horses too hard since they knew there would be checks where they
    could recover and it took some of the skill out.  I noticed that in his
    column he said there would be only "four vet gates" in Spain.  Does this
    mean four in all, or four and then the finish?  I can't imagine how a
    person could keep on of those horse's guts moving.
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