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    [RC] Thanks to White River Ride - Kari Hanes

    We finally went to our first ride Labor Day weekend at White River. I like to say thank you to all who helped put on this event. Especially Wayne for being persistant and telling me "you can DO this!" We've known him for years and have great respect for him. It was especially thrilling to watch our (former) baby win the LD with Laurie.

    My daughter and I had a blast! My horse and my hubby still like me so I'll call it a success <g>. We finished last in our group, but we made time and have our first 25 miles under our belts. It did incredible things for my daughter's self esteem. Even though we finished with the slowest time, no other juniors competed so she got her first blue ribbon and is on cloud 9! After years of showing 4-H and having judges look down their noses at her arab pony, she has had her confidence restored by you fellow riders. I can't say enough about how friendly and helpful everyone was, a total reverse from the show circuit atmosphere. My newbie mare acted like she was going to finally drink from a stream and while I gave her all the rein I had, she was winding up her "spring" to jump a 10' wall of water that was actually a 1' wide creek. Needless to say, she dumped me. What a heart sinking sight to see your horse disappear around the next curve without you! My daughter trotted up around the bend and there she was, with another rider. I don't know who the girl was but I thanked her and thanked her over and over. She was willing to help someone she didn't even know and slow her competition time by doing so. Like I said, quite a shocker after competing with people who don't care about anyone but themselves.

    So thanks to all who were there and to you folks on ridecamp for answering all my newbie questions. I have a few more, but I'll post them separately.

    Montalee Arabians

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