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    [RC] [RC] Polish horses - Kari Hanes

    We have started breeding for this a few years ago. The best result we've had is crossing our Bask stud with a CMK mare. One of our first babies is now being used for LD here in Michigan and is doing extremely well. The horse I've just started is a 7/8 Egypti an/Polish cross mare, my husband is starting a full brother of the Bask/CMK cross and he really seems to enjoy it. I can't recall a "bad" cross we made, but I'm partial to all my babies no matter what.

    Montalee Arabians

    Not like Pledge but like the country! Just wondering - how many people actually bred for or buy Polish horses specifically for endurance? What is you r best outcross outside of polish lines when you do breed them, and what would be the worst you have found - for the pupose of producing sport horses, NOT halter horses:)!