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Current to Wed Jul 23 17:34:47 GMT 2003
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    [RC] Osceola Ride - Lisa Pardus

     I am getting JAZZED! Maleka looks GREAT! We will be ready to ride a
    moderate ten miler for our FIRST RIDE! WOHOO!!!! For those who saw us
    last year, be ready to see the most BEAUTIFUL LITTLE MARE doing endurance
    EVER! She is much improved after losing all those pounds in Feb. They are
    now running on all fours doing very well! (the little monster!) :0)
     Can't wait to meet the new members here in Florida, see those I met last
    season and really get into it as a rider! WOHOO! The butterflies are
    here!!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!!
    In His Hands,
    Lisa P.
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