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    Re: [RC] The digusting remark to Jeremy Reynolds - mike hill

    Thank-you for letting me know who Jeremy is. Please forgive my naiveté, as I am new to endurance, but not new to horsemanship, and I too lost a horse in a similar manner a couple of years ago. I was SO angry when I read that awful e-mail to this poor guy who is probably in a lot of pain over this already! 
    This person who made that comment obviously is so clueless about horses, or any other living thing for that matter! What do you say to a parent whose child dies due to a previously unknown heart condition while doing physical activity at school? Give her the same advice? Buy a motorcycle instead of having kids in the future?Some people just don't deserve the God given right of an opinion!
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    I Have no idea who Jeremy Reynolds is either,

    He is Heather Bergantz's husband and a sweetheart of a person....mb