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    Re: [RC] The Arabian Breed - DESERTRYDR1

    In a message dated 9/10/02 7:07:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
    tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
    > A horse where you just post on down the 
    >  trial requiring little effort at the natural resonant gait for the 
    >  horse. If you are having to work to ride the trot maybe it's because 
    >  your resonant frequency and horses don't match.
    >  In the case of taller people I think in general they match better to 
    >  taller horses but that may not always be the case.  I match up pretty 
    >  well to the horse I am riding. My wife's horse is the same size (about 
    >  15-2 to 15-3) and I don't match up to him at all. So height in and of 
    >  itself is not the only factor - it's how they are put together and move.
    >  Truman
    I think this is the crux of the matter.  I have ridden some horses that I 
    just could not get into a rhythm with, while others of the same approximate 
    size just felt good to me.  I'm 5' 9 1/2" and my first mare was 14.2H  Never 
    realized how out of balance I felt on her until I started riding her 
    daughter, who is 15.1 1/2H.  We just match.  But then my bro-in-law's 15.2H 
    mare, Quincy, and I do not match at all,  I can't find that sweet spot in her 
    OTOH, my son seems to feel pretty comfortable on her, even when she is 
    running away with him he doesn't bounce on her.<BG>  He sat her trot and 
    canter, and didn't look the least bit insecure in my Wintec Endurance saddle. 
     He rode probably 6 times in an arena before I took him out on Quincy.  He 
    didn't know how to do anything, didn't want to pull on the reins to stop her, 
    but he looked great and seemed to have a good time.  Wish I could find a 
    REALLY BROKE horse for him that would get along with my Wicked Witch mare.   
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