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    [RC] What I have Learned On RC This Summer - AprJhn

    The following are actual quotes from messages in the archives this summer. There were more good quotes, but these are things I didn't know or I was re-reminded of. Thanks for all the great information!
    Nashville, TN
    "I got some Coolmax tights at Wal-Mart a few months ago. They were called "yoga pants" and cost $10 each! They're lightweight and nice and stretchy."
    "Isn't there a *rule* that there will be completion awards? It can be a certificate, hoof pick, whatever...but I do believe there's a rule."
    "A horse wearing Old Macs for endurance serves exactly the same purpose as a human athlete wearing the best running shoes for a marathon which is to reduce concussion."
    "State Line Tack carries Biothane Tack."
    "Try riding with "toes up" instead of heels down. When done correctly you utilize and entirely different set of muscles."
    "Your best bet for night riding (IME) is to just duct tape some glow bars to your horse's breast collar."
    "The West Nile vaccine can only be given by vets."
    "Nope. My vet sold me the vaccine so that I could "shoot" my own horses."
    "There are 9 different sized trees made for Sharon Saare saddles. Although they have the letters of the alphabet to ID them, they just don't go from narrowest to widest (i.e. F is not wider than E)."
    "The term QH bars refers to the pitch of the bar, not the width."
    GREAT Reference Website: http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/index.jsp
    "On Ridecamp you do not need a reason good or bad to start a Flame War."
    "As a ride manager (ok, so I only do CTR's and R&T's now) it is inconvenient to have riders come in the am of the ride."
    "By the way, the equine chiro at CSU just taught us a really great stretch for the topline in this area. Stand directly behind the horse as close as you can and visualize a line on either side going from the point of the hip to the tailhead. Using your first two or three fingers, scratch the horse hard and fast at about the midsection of each of these two lines, both of them at the same time. It's not a precise spot, you'll find it. Scratch him really fast and fairly hard and the horse will raise his topline and arch his back. They'll hold it for as long as you scratch, and 30 seconds is a really good, thorough stretch of the lumbar muscle groups and pelvis."
    "Scrap the eggbar since they tend to influence the heels to an under run configuration for some reason."
    "I had an Arab with mismatched angles on his front feet... it is something they are born with."
    "Actually, most Arabians are not Born with mismatching angles, they just seem prone to develop them as babies."
    "In Australia each horse has a Log Book. There are two stages. A blue book is for a novice horse and the yellow book is for horses that have satisfied the criteria for an endurance horse. These books are waterproof paper and can't be tampered with. Vetting parameters are very strict."
    "Cure for girth galls, scratches and rain rot: It's a product called Tea-Zon cream from Healing Tree Products in Oregon."
    "A quieter heartbeat doesn't necessarily mean a lower resting rate."
    "ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS! make your wishes known *IN WRITING* and make sure your family and lawyer know where your will is located. Your animals' care will need to be spelled out."
    "Beware of surfing on dreamhorse.com....it can become quite addicting looking at horses to buy!"
    "Colorado State has been tracking the WNV vaccine and looking for bad reactions. So far, there haven't been any that they're aware of."
    "The vests DO NOT offer protection to spinal injuries and sever torsion, flexing, extension or crushing of the body."
    "AERC CONV - go to www.aerc.org or www.endurance.net MAR 14-15 2003 Also in AERC EN JULY page 59 Chatt TN Conv Ctr Marriott 423 756 0002"
    "There's a pretty big leap from "lapping water" to "mineral deficiency". There just isn't any logical connection between the two."
    "I purchased a helmet called a Tipperary from the Horse Habit in Kemble Ont. elleno@xxxxxxxx is their email address."
    "Individuals of many breeds have done well in endurance, but the body type is usually in evidence with those individuals."
    "For the substances rule for USA-E as it applies to endurance - see http://www.equestrian.org/2002RuleBook/GeneralRules/RULEIV.asp See sections 409-411"
    "The AERC list of permitted/not permitted substances is now on-line at the AERC page: http://www.aerc.org/ - menu at left as AERC Drug Policy http://www.aerc.org/drugs082002.pdf as a Adobe pdf file Note this is not an inclusive list but subject to changes and modifications."
    "Endurance riders are some of the awful-est riders out there!!!"
    "I've been using Old Mac's all summer on my barefoot horse. We both like them. Here's what I can tell you: - They are more expensive than Easy Boots. - They are easier to put on than Easy Boots. - They stay on under all conditions."
    "Arabs [horses] come in many colors."
    "Never remove the other shoe. At least not without asking your farrier."
    "You can get horizontal cracks from overdosing Selenium."
    "If your foot slips through the stirrup and you are being dragged, you MUST roll away from the horse, onto your stomach and kick your feet like you are swimming. Your foot will come out immediately. Rolling onto your stomach protects more of your vital organs."
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