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    [RC] Norco Riverdance ride - mike hill

    Lynne, I am sorry it has taken me this long to write, but I wanted to tell you that your ride was my very first ride. I rode the 25 and have to say that I loved it so much that if I ever had any reservations about endurance riding as another chosen sport of mine, they are GONE due to such a positive experience. I had volunteered on another ride a few months ago, and realized that it wasn't very well organized and had to question my own sanity for getting involved in this sport. But your ride showed me what it was supposed to be like, and I am hooked. Thank-you for such a great job. Thank-you to all the volunteers, and every-one else  responsible for making it such a memorable experience. Also, thank-you Tammy and Charlene at Trail-Rite for showing me the ropes, and showing me how wonderful these crazy people who never get off their horses are.(For years I thought a one and a half hour trail ride was extreme! )