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    [RC] re: speed control - Cindi Hein

    I like the idea the person gave on this who said to vary the speeds and let them trot out or canter for a bit and then ask them to slow it up and let them know that they won't have to go slow forever.
    Sometimes I think in a ride especially at the start, they tend to "loose" their minds and everything goes out the window. And we all have to remember that they are just animals. They are not machines and they will not act perfectly or the way we want ALL THE TIME just because we say so. I'm sure alot of people will disagree with this and that's ok.
    But, they have their own set of feelings and energy and adrenaline also.
    The mare I used to ride (she's retired now) was a handful! She fought me to go, go, go. I rode her in a snaffle and indeed she leaned on the bit at the beginning of every ride and when she was in heat..... oh man! With her, when I let her go loose rein, she would just take off. Not uncontrollably but, she would really go. So, I just dealt with her.
    The horse that I'm on now, he too will fight to go. But, with him, I think the fast, slow, fast, slow will work. He does best on a loose rein. The more I hold him back, the more he will lean and fight. As soon as I let loose of his mouth, he goes into a nice fast trot. You might ask, then why not ride all the time on a loose rein??
    I mostly get into a battle with him when we are behind someone. He thinks he needs to be in front of them or try and ride up their butts. Not acceptable. He's still young and has alot to learn yet.

    I do ride with a running martingale as he will at times throw his head in a big circle and he has hit me in the head a few times. Running martingales might not be the best thing but, I feel safe with it.

    I would like to hear from others who talk about stopping with legs instead of on the mouth...
    I too am not a trainer. I'm sure I do things on my horse that others who have had alot of formal training would just cringe. I'm always open to learning new things.
    Money is an issue. I cannot afford formal training and seminars etc. So, I do the best I can with trial and error and asking friends for their help.

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