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    Re: [RC] keeping track of ride cards - oddfarm

    Most major sports stores carry a variety of "ditty bags" to carry cards in. Adidas (sp?) makes a nifty little see through, fold up wallet type bag with a clip. It was about $2.99.  I clip in on my saddle, card stays dry and everyone is happy.
    Also, Sporttack carries a bag to hang around your neck that can hold a card, Chapstick and even a few cassettes for the walkman. It was about $10-12.99 a few years ago. There is really no reason to lose a card or let it get ruined. I do believe that is the riders responsibility.
    I do like the idea of leaving it back at camp until you come into the vet check. However, I did that one time and couldn't find it for the first vet check. I was told if I couldn't prove my horse was vetted in, I couldn't continue. Luckily, I found it on the front seat of the truck. Won't do that again.
    Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm