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    Re: [RC] [RC] falling on weapons - amber applegate

    Hey Cristin, BUCK UP!! no pain, no gain!
    Don't sweat the small stuff. Better a little sore back than the alternative. It will make you a much better rider, how's that?
    One time when I first started carrying a revolver, I was riding my crazy arab gelding and I was packing then a .357 mag. I had it in a waist holster and my riding buddy and I started to gallop. Well that was before I smartened up and got rid of horned saddles.
    Zar took off and my gun belt went over the horn and I was riding on Zar's neck with him bucking like the best rodeo horse at Mesquite. I was being bucked and there were downed logs all around us and I couldn't do a darn thing except get religious for a second.
    Finally the belt broke, the gun went flying in the dirt and I managed to make the 15 second bell and still stay in the saddle.
    My girlfriend who is half my age was quite impressed...........after she stopped howling with laughter. She was behind me and as usual, I got to be the spectacle. Drats! why can't I ever be the spectator?
    pistol packin' ambie
    I have found the entire discussion of riding with guns and knives quite enlightening. Due to living too close to a too-populated city, I have frequently wished I was carrying a weapon of some sort. But I was always afraid that if my horse dumped me, I would land on the weapon and seriously injure my hip or back or wherever I was carrying. How do all you armed riders carry weapons to avoid this? Or do you just hope you don't fall wrong?


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    [RC] falling on weapons, julie fox