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    [RC] [Fwd: speed demon] - Pete and Debbie LaBerge

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    Hi Colleen,
    Thought I'd jump in here since I have been getting my first ex-track
    horse ready for distance the past year and have been experiencing some
    of this...not speed demon but getting strong and it's annoying.
    I take a weekly dressage type lesson to help him get more balanced and
    supple and he is great in the ring. But have still found he gets alittle
    strong, pulls and gets out of balance and falls onto his front end on
    the trail. I had been riding in a Myler comfort snaffle and was using a
    figure eight nose band on the trail. 
    Toklat suggested trying the myler combo-bit and do away w/ the figure
    eight. The horse likes the bit (I have the snaffle with a slight port)
    and with the hack. part he has been much softer and better balanced on
    the trail. I don't have to wear gloves now!
    Debbie LaBerge

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