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    Re: [RC] paddling - Joan Ruprecht

    My horse C-Bows Gola paddles, alway has, makes you always want to get off on the steep down hills as it does not look save for you or her.
    She has 6,500 AERC completion miles and is 25 and still competing. 
    So if youa nd the horse are happy, go for it.
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    Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 2:39 PM
    Subject: [RC] paddling

    Does anyone have experience with a horse that paddles?  I have had so many vets tell me that my horse really paddles.  Corky is anything but smooth to ride, the canter feels like half my body is going one way and the other half is going another way, like being torn in half, slowly.
    What can I do about this?  Did I mention that no matter what I do Corky is an obese little pug of a horse, does this affect his paddling?  If this subject had already been touched just e-mail me privately and tell me to shut up.
    Also there are some really nice McCoy horses for sale around here, the guys just wants them to go to nice homes and they've been kept well, e-mail me privately on this one too and I'll hook you up.

    [RC] paddling, Colleen Egleston