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    Re: [RC] paddling - Colleen Egleston

    Paddling, as I understand it, is throwing the front legs out to the side at
    the trot, I guess kinda like a dog paddles in the water.  It looks really
    goofy, and is probably a conformational fault, but I wondered if there was
    anything I could do about it.
    This horse is the best besides his paddling, broke him to drive in one day,
    just hooked him up and took off.  He takes everything the stupid humans do
    in stride, works himself into a fit at a ride, but will also allow my
    frightened mother-in-law to meander around the yard on him like an old plow
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    > what is paddling? Throwing the front feet around??
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    [RC] paddling, Colleen Egleston