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    Re: [RC] [RC] Mayday!!! Help!!!! SOS!!! - Colleen Egleston

    Does Amanda also have a gun...... and where do you get such cool colors?
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    Doggone it Angie, you gals are always getting us "A" people confused.........Amanda has the belly ring, Amber Roberts totes a gun as well as myself, and I have the tattoo's.  And you, Ms, Angie with a capitol "A" you are just, er, ah, well..............somebody chime in here, no not you Howard

    amber, but gee, gosh, oh golly, thanks for your sincere concern. But if I have to miss the Orick ride, that is serious poop. C'mon, somebody must live near Kingsgate Border Crossing.

    >>Mayday!!! Help!!!! SOS!!!

    Good grief amber, don't scare us like that. I saw that heading and
    thought for sure you had yourhorse'smanetangledupinyourbellyring



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    [RC] Mayday!!! Help!!!! SOS!!!, Rides 2 Far
    Re: [RC] [RC] Mayday!!! Help!!!! SOS!!!, amber applegate