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    [RC] What do I do? - Ridecamp Guest

    Sheila shashi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi everybody,
    I need advice on a delicate issue. I introduced one of my friends to endurance riding  and she says she's hooked, which is wonderful. Her horse and mine are in about the same fitness level so we can ride together fine. Recently she told me that her boyfriend and another person is interested in coming with us on the next ride. Here's the problem. The boyfriend's horse is sometimes a run away with no manners. He (the boyfriend) has no trail manners and does not listen when we tell him. He has not conditioned his horse in any shape or form. Neither has his friend. The friend's horse apparently rears and spins, I was told.I have taken a lot of care  to carefuly condition my horse over months and take good care of her. My friend is good with her horse too. The guys seem to think its just a wild long trail ride and wants to come along. How do I put it across to them that this sport is so much more than a macho trail ride and the horse's physical condition is paramount. BTW they are planning to do the LD.
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