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    Re: [RC] RM question - Heidi Smith

    The vet card should not be for anything more than communication from vet to vet at the vet checks.  Never-never-never trust important information to the vet card relative to finish times or BC--always have it on a master sheet somewhere else.  The timer should have a time sheet that is the official sheet, and what goes on the vet card should be for the riders' and vets' convenience.  Likewise with BC--all BC scoring should go on a master worksheet, and if necessary, assign a secretary to the vet for BC to record on that master sheet.  Ride results are then a piece of cake, and riders can keep their vet cards.  I can't even begin to imagine running a ride and getting any meaningful information for results off of the vet cards....
    At each vet check, our timers always had a master list of riders and a blank legal pad--they keep time on the blank pad by the order in which riders come in, and can check them off of the master list as they come in so that they know who is still out.  Same thing at the finish, and when the ride is over, it is a simple matter to just cross out anyone who was pulled post-finish by the vets, and just list the rest of them in order of finish.  To make it easy, I used to go down the official time sheet and arrange the entry blanks so that they were in order of finish, and just write the ride times at the tops--then I can just go through the stack of entries, arranged in completion order, and it only takes several minutes to do the results.  Usually had the official forms finished in time for the awards. 
    The only vet cards we kept were for pulled riders--and I had my vets just jot the pull code on them, so I could transfer the pull code to the top of the entry blank for that rider and then give the card back.  Then the entries for the pulled riders were put on the bottom of the stack to add to the result forms at the end, following all the completions.  Easy as pie! 
    PS:  Most mushed-up rider card I ever saw was one that spent a loop in a fanny pack on a warm day with an overripe banana.....
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    Subject: [RC] RM question

    We are busy putting together our ride results from the Wolverine.  Quite a hairy job.  Well, it wouldn't be so hairy if people provided all the info asked for on the entry form and IF THEY TOOK CARE OF THEIR VET CARD.  This is my question...if a rider loses their card or soaks it beyond any hope of readability, what are my options as a ride manager?  Can I give them just a completion?  DQ them altogether?  Not allow them to stand for BC if they top ten? We muddled through these problems and we didn't have that many riders but I can see if we had too many more and if this problem intensified, it could be ridiculous.  Where do I draw the line?  Just wondering what other RMs would do or not do in this case.  THANKS for your thoughts and ideas.

    [RC] RM question, Maggie Mieske