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    [RC] RM question - Maggie Mieske

    We are busy putting together our ride results from the Wolverine.  Quite a hairy job.  Well, it wouldn't be so hairy if people provided all the info asked for on the entry form and IF THEY TOOK CARE OF THEIR VET CARD.  This is my question...if a rider loses their card or soaks it beyond any hope of readability, what are my options as a ride manager?  Can I give them just a completion?  DQ them altogether?  Not allow them to stand for BC if they top ten? We muddled through these problems and we didn't have that many riders but I can see if we had too many more and if this problem intensified, it could be ridiculous.  Where do I draw the line?  Just wondering what other RMs would do or not do in this case.  THANKS for your thoughts and ideas.