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    [RC] re: speed control - Teresa Van Hove

      starters.  Sometimes it takes maneuvers like circling, or shoulder-in
      break the speed cycle.  What you do is let the horse go, then when he
      starts to speed up, turn him in a circle or a shoulder-in (if he's
      enough in his training to be able to do some lateral work)  when he
      back to the acceptable speed, go straight again. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Or if you have a really athletic, go-ey horse you, you can train them to
    circle like a barrel racer (if you dont get too dizzy) and two-track
    like a lippazaner with these methods :)  
    Another thing that helps with some horses if they are too athletic for
    the circling and shoulder in to slow them down is they cant have the
    gait  if they start racing in it - if the trot gets racey make them walk
    for a bit, if they prance at the walk make them stop and back ..... If
    this is a young horse it might just get too excited on the trail and
    needs to walk for a bit and settle down between trotting stretches
    before its mentally ready to trot steadily for the longer stretches you
    are used to from your old horse.  
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