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    Re: [RC] strange lameness - Laurie Durgin

    Are these Fire ants? Lots of these in Ga. And if you don't get rid of them  they can be horrible. People can even get allergic to them. They feel like fire when they sting, and it can spread.Try Fire ant killer, the dust that you sprinkle a teaspoon per mound and put a line all the way around the stall or sprinkle it inthe shavings. I'll bet it is fire ants, they love shavings.I regularly sprinkle all mounds and around the barn if I see evidence of them. The horses won't eat the poison, mine advoid it like the plague.    I've heard of injuries from stoping and kicking.   You can get the poison from Home Depot, or Walmart, Lowes. Make sure it's not the kind you have to water in, or amdro which is a bait, takes 3 months to work.They need to treat the property. I've heard of neglectred pastures where they were so many ant bites it killed calves. Maybe they don't understand about Fire Ants, they can be black or red, about the size of an I or bigger, nasty leave blisters after 24 hrs.Hurts terrible, I take benadry to head off a reaction. No wonder you horse got hurt, kind of a negligence thing. Laurie an Rascal
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    From: Kelly
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    Subject: [RC] strange lameness
    This isn't really endurance related, except that
    we were starting to condition for endurance with
    this horse, but I need some advice/thoughts:

    My sister's arab gelding developed a strange limp
    this morning. The boarding barn we are at will
    not allow full time pasture board, so the horses
    must be put into stalls at night. We've been
    having HUGE ant problems this summer- in the
    pasture and stalls. No one else seems to be
    bothered by all these ants.. which I think is
    part of the problem. If the other 20 stalls were
    prayed too,it might make a difference. We weren't
    comfortable spraying ant killer inside the stalls
    with the horses, so we sprayed the store bought
    killer on the outside, and used some other
    methods we'd heard worked on the inside. First we
    tried lemon juice, didn't work, then baby powder,
    didn't work, then a bleach/water mix along the
    back walls... also didn't work. The ants are all
    in the shavings of the stalls and bite your legs
    while you clean the stalls, and obviously are
    biting the horses. It seemed to really bother my
    sister's gelding more than the other horses
    though, and he would stomp his hind feet very
    hard. We asked to leave them out until we could
    get rid of the ants... but no. Anyways, this
    morning when we brought him out of his stall he
    was somewhat lame on his left hind foot. It
    doesn't really seem to hurt him. He steps with
    his toe first, then his joint kind of pops down
    into the step. Sort of like when people can pop
    their joints in and out. It doesn't seem to be
    painful for him. His step size hasn't changed or
    anything.. it just looks bad. Now that he's hurt
    himself, we're allowed to leave him in a small
    pasture all day, so we're hoping he can walk it
    out. Leaving him out will atleast let him escape
    the ants until we find out what's wrong. We think
    it's from all the stomping,but have no clue what
    might be wrong. If it isn't any better tomorrow
    we're going to have the vet out, and I guess need
    x-rays? What do y'all think?? And how do we get
    rid of all these ants!?!?!
    Thanks for any thoughts.
    p.s.- We are looking for a new place to board
    now!! We're in Georgia in the Conyers/Gwinnett
    area if anyone knows of a good facility.

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