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    [RC] history lesson - oddfarm

    Love it! Gonna go over it tonight with the kiddies. Pretty appropriate for the first day of school. Which by the way, is the happiest day of the year! I'm getting happy feet!!
    Speaking of history and education, I am reading a book called the Florida Cowman. It is about how the first Spaniards came to Florida, left a few cows and horses and, TaDa!, the Cracker horse and Florida Long Horn. But from the very start, bugs and heat have taken thier toll on man and beast alike. (it hasn't changed a bit) I am just starting this book so I don't know what happened next but so far, it is an excellent book. I do know that Florida is a very large producer of cattle.
    In the front and back it shows all the brands that have been used at the big cattle ranches. (brands have come up as a question on ridecamp a few times) It has lots of B/W pictures. I should have been a real cowgirl.
    There is a ranch here in central Florida called the Overstreet Ranch. They have sold some of the ranch but it is still one of the largest. They have a hall that has pictures of the first family settlers working and hunting side by side with Indians. I love that!
    Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm
    Got my horses, got my dogs, don't need no cowboy. Well, maybe occasionally. :}