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    Re: [RC] being prepared & VC vs. other rides - Cindy Collins

    What an entertaining day on ridecamp!  First, Angie A., you are my new
    hero.  I always carried a pistol when I rode in CA.  Sometimes here in
    Wyoming I am a bit complacent, but always have a knife and bear spray when
    alone.  I turned off my cell phone to help with paying off some medical
    bills, but it will be back soon and I always carry it on me (don't tie it
    on the horse...what if you get dumped?)  BTW, for those of you who think
    because you live in "Wisconsin"...or any other safe place, just remember
    that it's not the career criminals to worry about...it's the true
    crazies...remember  Helter-Skelter.
    On to Virginia City, etc....the VC 100 miler is a great ride, lots of
    rocks, though.  Much easier in my mind than Tevis, but a lot of that is
    Tevis' heat and crowds.  I was over-time at Tevis with 5 miles to go (talk
    about depressing).  At Tevis my big mistake was going too slow for the
    first 30 miles thinking I should "save" my horse at the beginning.   The
    horse was fine...we were just out of time.  I've finished the BH 7 times
    out of about 11 attempts.  I have never done the Old Dominion, but expect
    that the OD's heat and humidity are tough!  Obviously, the BH trail is my
    area of "expertise".  I think that the actual BH trail itself is tougher
    than the Tevis or Virginia City.  The BH starts at 4,000 ft. and climbs to
    over 10,000 ft.  It can be snowing, or like this year, 100 degrees(set
    several records).  It has rocky and steep canyons. It's never flat.   The
    views are breath-taking in all directions.  Sooo, that's just my opinion. 
    I'd love to know if anyone has done all four rides???  Maybe Kathy Arnold
    has.  I'll ask her.  Valarie Kanavy or Joe Long?  Any horse that has done
    all four should be very famous!  Cindy C.
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