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    [RC] Riding alone - Ridecamp Guest

    A. Perez walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx
      I do most of my riding alone.  I try to stick to well-travelled trails but often don't see another person on my rides.  I have a luggage tag on my saddle with my name and phone number and my phsicians numer.  The week after I put it on, my horse fell out from under me and took off - was found, and the finders called my house, so it paid off.  I also have my name and phone# on my helmet (right now it is written in pencil on the visor - need to come up with a classier solution).
      In addition to the tag, make sure whomever may get that call knows what to do.  I now have an instruction sheet for non-horsey hubbie to follow: ask 'Is the horse OK?': if no, here is the vet's number.  If yes 'Can the horse stay there for a while?': if no - phone#s of friends with trailers.  I also gave him the name of the roads bordering the area I ride in, and phone numbers of people who know those trails, stables near the trails and of the local tack shop which is 'equine central', in case a search party needs to be launched.  All this is pinned to the fridge.
      I also carry a cell-phone when I ride, though not all areas get good reception.  I don't carry weapons: I won't ride anywhere I feel I'd need that level of protection.
      And last but not least, I always always always wear a helmet!
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