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    Re: [RC] Riding Alone] - Colleen Egleston

    Wait, is this a militia chat room?  Have I suddenly left ridecamp and gone to weapons and more?  Yikes, where do you guys ride?  Or perhaps I am just being naive in assuming that I am safe and need no protection.  I would hate to be caught in a sticky situation with nothing but my reins for protection, thanks for the food for thought guys. 
     It is a scary world out there, where do all these creeps come from?  Yikes!
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    I was an avid deep water SCUBA diver for almost 20 years and I use a modified SCUBA knife when riding the wilderness. It gives you an  "easy to reach" knife of worthwhile size, and they are designed to be worn on the calf.  They come in all sizes, with elastic rubber straps to hold them on your calf and are stainless steel...they never rust and are almost unbreakable. The back is serrated, which can also be useful.

    Mine has about a 5" blade, with a hard rubber handle.  Pick up a farrier's diamond hoof knife sharpener (about $12). The stainless steel is so hard, you will be there forever with a stone or file.  I sharpened the back side of mine at the point, making it like a mini-bayonet.

    These knives are so hard you can dig water holes in a creek, remove rocks from your horse's feet, an numerous other things and once you get an edge, it holds it well.

    Cashel Company


    makes a product called an "Ankle Safe". which velcro's to your calf.  It has room for a flashlight, a cellphone, and several other pockets.  Very secure on your leg.  My little .25 automatic fits the cellphone pocket perfectly with room for a spare clip. (Cellphones don't work up here, anyway.)

    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

     >I always carry a .38 special, and just found my hunting knife that I had a >strap made to go around my calf. After seeing that fellow that saved his >life in Washington after he slit the throat of a cougar that attacked him, >I will be wearing my knife again. 

    Re: [RC] Riding Alone], Jim Holland