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    Re: [RC] Spayed mares/sidebone/navicular - Laurie Durgin

    It is like a rice pellet and lasts anywhere from 3-9 mos, she said , ran about 50.00 here in Ga. Laurie and RAscal
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    At 12:11 PM 8/6/2002 -0700, Laurie Durgin wrote:
    My trainer has some of her mares who  She are nasty implanted by the vet once a year(maybe twice) makes a real difference.She teaches kids. Also some of the show horses makes them more tractable. Laurie  and Rascal

    What is this "implant?"  Is there something that can be implanted in a mare to stop heats?  Any shots, other suggestions rather than having her spayed? 


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