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    Re: [RC] Riding Alone - amber applegate

        Har Har Har, Colleen! No actually the first one back in the eighties I was on my way to having a CT-Scan on my ruptured disc and was out to dinner with a very religious friend and I got tired of hearing her go on about religious stuff and popped up and said, ya know, I have always wanted a tattoo, and it looks like we have time before the scan.
    Heck, she was all for it, dressed to the nines and we had to walk over drunks to get into the parlor. I am proud to say, that this artist was a very famous old time Sailor Tattoo artist down on 32nd street in San Diego. All the new ones know of "Doc"  He even took a picture of my bum and placed it on his tattoo wall.
    The rest of them are like a potato chip, you can't have just one. Thirteen, and counting. And to keep this endurance related, there is a very SANE woman on this list that excels in 50 and 75 milers that just last year had her horse tattooed on her fanny too.  Butt, I won't say her name.......D.
    My mistake, amber.
    Were you impaired when you acquired those tattoos?
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    Now let's not scare Amber Roberts, remember, she is Amber I am the humble amber, lower case. And thanks again for the compliment, I have been accused of that a time or two. I have some pretty knarly tattoo's as well, that will make them at least think I am a biker chick.
     Like I said, if I ever lose a loved one in the jungles of Columbia, I'm
    > taking Amber along to help me find them, the guerillas won't have a prayer.
    > C.
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