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    Re: [RC] Knee Surgery - Linda Flemmer

    I have had knee surgery that was similar...
    I tore my ACL and lived witht he chronic tear for a
    number of years.  I had the ACL reconstructed, the
    cartilage smoothed & a cyst removed from the posterior
    drawer space.  I managed to avoid the knee cap
    problems, though.  :-)
    Here is a board that talks about this type of knee
    repair - very helpful individuals there.  They would
    be able to answer your questions pre-op & post-op. 
    There are a few equestrians there, too.  I HIGHLY
    recommend this web site!
    I had a ACL Allograft rather than autograft - faster
    recovery & less donor site morbidity for an old fart
    like me at age 41.  Most orthopedic surgeons tend to
    be "conservative" and not want to operate after you
    pass the mid 30's.  I also had to look for a surgeon
    who would work with to get back to riding.  Since most
    weren't familiar with riding, they didn't want me on a
    horse for 6-12 months!  I found a surgeon who rides &
    who had her knee done a few years before!  
    I was riding at 4 weeks on our broke-to-death 20 yr
    old retired gelding.  There is a LOT of muscle atrophy
    immediately after this type of surgery.  I swore that
    it wouldn't happen to me, but it did.  There was a
    visible difference in the diameter of each thigh.  My
    leg was so weak that I had a hard time getting it over
    the horse's back.  I had no strength to use my leg for
    balance or direction on the horse until nearly 8
    I am 2 weeks shy of 6 months post op now.  I still
    have occasional twinges in the knee with some
    activities (like driving our tractor to mow) and
    occasional swelling, but no more pain.  I'm riding 25
    miles comfortably - something that I haven't done in a
    VERY long time.  My physical therapist said to expect
    75% of strength at 6 months.  I'm at almost 90%! 
    Overall, I'm glad I had it reconstructed.  My only
    regret is waiting so long to have it done.
    Let me know if you have specific questions.  Besides
    being a knee patient, I'm an RN as well.
    Linda Flemmer
    Blue Wolf Ranch
    West Virginia
    --- TBlue1@xxxxxxx wrote:
    > Would like to know if anyone has had similar surgery
    > to what I have scheduled
    > for Friday. I will be having a torn ligament
    > repaired, a bone fragment
    > removed, and due to kneecap arthritis the knee cap
    > will be removed, honed 
    > smooth and reattached.
    > Anyone had this? How long to recover? How long
    > before riding again?
    > Tracy
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    [RC] Knee Surgery, TBlue1