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    [RC] long term ez boots experts chime in pleez! - Jon . Linderman

    I have this poor appy languishing in my pasture 24/7, long story (little
    girls first horse, but the issue is his feet.  This poor dopey grandson of
    Impressive is built like a Sherman tank w/tremendous forward and lateral
    pressure causing his tubules to grow from lateral to medial direction, sort
    of blowing outward.  He has been growing hoof very slowly and recently
    broke off a fairly big hunk from his front lateral toe area (say 1 o'clock
    to 3:30ish). My farrier, who has done wonderfully w/my other horses, has
    him trimmed up to prevent breaking off anymore, and has his tubules going
    fairly perpendicular to the ground, but the big dope (horse, not farrier)
    is just flat as a pancake and noticebly ouchy.
    I am fairly deft w/ez boots, thanks in large part to help form lots of RC
    advice.  I have fit him up w/a pair in front, but how long can I reasonably
    leave them on?  days, a day, hours?  Advice on this sort of longterm use of
    the boots?  I'd like to ease his discomfort and get some hoof under him so
    he can be useful again.
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