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    Re: [RC] Help ... interference question/problem - Typef

    Thanks for the input to everyone. Desetin was suggested but I couldn't find
    any. Somebody else suggested clear silicone, same idea as the caulking but
    we decided against it. We went with just the boots and she never rubbed or
    nicked it once. Go figure. I worried for nothing probably.
    I had a great ride, although I discovered I'm going to have to ride a LOT
    faster. Came in just under the 6 hours for the 25. But  I had a great second
    half of the ride, riding with Ann and Alisa Hall (Hal's wife and 9-year-old
    daughter). Hal was crewing for them. I didn't realize who I was riding with
    her until I heard Ann say Alisa's name and then I put two and two together
    from the picture of Hal and Alisa accepting the BC award on the Tevis site.
    I was too busy watching the roots of Redwood trees on the trail to notice
    faces! I said, "I just realized who you are, Alisa ... I saw your picture on
    the Internet. You're famous!" She got the biggest kick out of that and
    grinned from ear to ear. Just a darling little girl. I talked to her Mom and
    Dad later while she was taking a nap and they said she was just thrilled to
    death that someone recognized her from her picture on the web. I was the
    only one. Ann and Alisa clocked in at the same time I did so I guess I was
    doing what I was supposed to for my first ride, which was go slow, but not
    on purpose! LOL
    The ride was great over beautiful scenery, although I was so busy making
    sure my green horse went where she was supposed to, I didn't get to see much
    of the beautiful Redwood forests we rode through. And the first half of the
    ride was in the rain and boy, was it humid! Never wiped rain and sweat off
    my face at the same time before. Something I'm sure a lot of you are used to
    in other parts of the country but not here! I myself, am not moving very
    spryly today but my Mustang is running around the pasture like she'd like to
    go again.
    I had every intention of trying to find people who said to please look them
    up when I got there, but never found Nick Warhol or Dede Johnson. Saw Kathy
    Mayeda passing me on the 50 while I was heading back to camp on the 25. I
    want to thank Nancy Hodges for taking the trouble to find out my number and
    coming and introducing herself. Thanks for working the radios, Nancy. We
    couldn't have these great rides without the volunteers.
    To the ride managers I'd like to say WAY TO GO! I'd like to be back next
    year to ride the 50.
    My American Icon ... MC (she was a "horse of a different color" so to speak,
    amongst all the Arabians and got a lot of attention.
    My riding partners for the second half of the ride ... Alisa was riding the
    dam of her Dad's BC Tevis horse.
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    > > had a great ride. Tonight she did the step-funny, limp thing again >
    > and sure enough when I got home, that wound was ouzing. Now I'm >
    > wondering if she got up under the boot or she clipped the boot and
    > ouze.
    > Nina Warren told me that one of her horses had lots of desitin on it once
    > and the vet said, "so, now you're holding him together with bathtub
    > caulking?" and she thought *hey!*  Her horse interfered in the back and
    > the boots always rubbed it.  She said before the next ride she washed &
    > dried his legs good before she put him in the trailer, then smeared
    > bathtub caulking on those two spots and let it dry on the way there.
    > Nobody ever suspected it was anything but Desitin (not that caulking is
    > illegal or anything).  She said it worked great and she pealed it off
    > right after the ride. (seems like a great place for anaerobic bacteria to
    > reproduce otherwise).  If you're desperate, you might want to experiment.
    > Angie
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