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    [RC] Need someone to put on an AERC sanctioned ride during our Fair - Ridecamp Guest

    Western States Egyptian Challenge info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Group of dedicated Arabian owners putting on a Fair, about the first of August, 2003 (will know more definite dates in about 2 weeks) on a week-end.  Would like to have a 25-mile leg and a 50-mile leg AERC sanctioned endurance ride.  Know it is open to all breeds, all horses.  May the best one, best ridden, luckiest, Win.  This would have to be a very early in the morning start ride so that those having Arabians could come enjoy the Saturday night party.  Others too.  Tickets will be available during the Fair.  We are presently considering the South Jordan Equestrian Center, UTAH and the ride would start and end there.  We do have a couple of people in the area that might be able to help.
    Anyone interested?  We would really like to have such a ride as exposure to what Arabians (and we sure hope we get some! including Straight Egyptians)can do besides the 'crazed image' that has been put out there by the Show Big-Hair Professional Trainers.
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