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    [RC] Nicks Tevis Story - FancyNite


    I can't thank you enough for your story.  (Everyone's stories for that matter.)

    Nick, You made me cry, laugh, swear, get INCREDIBLE goose bumps and cry some more.  Tevis has always been a DREAM for me.  You actually let me ride it with you, only I didn't have to work or sweet. <g>  I have always said 2005, Savage and I would try.. But only the big guy upstairs knows if we'll make it.  (I have put in my order and started praying already.)

    My heart goes out to you and Holly, as well as everyone else whom didn't get that dream fulfilled.. But I sure hope you try again.  And maybe one day I will get the pleasure to shake you hand in person.  But for now, pat yourself on the back for me.

    And EVERYONE know this, "You don't fail, when you have given it your best."  I know the heartbreak of a PULL, and yes it sucks.  Holly will come back for another ride.

    And for all the "Poor horsemanship," SHAME ON YOU!
    (My dad always said "God, please help the stupid.")

    Great job to all, I admire you!  And sense I am babbling here, I have to add..

    <<FInishing a ride FIRST doesn't necessarily make one a winner, as we all know.
    For some, trying your best with a well-prepared horse, defines the word WINNER...I think so, too.  The HORSEs NEVER lose.>>

    VERY WELL put Frank.  Thanks.

    Take care all,
    Jinnifer Plummer