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Marathon saddles

Hi folks,
I looked in the archives and couldn't seem to find the info I wanted....a client loaned me what I think is a "Marathon" saddle though there is no maker on it anywhere.  Another endurance friend of mine today said she has one like it and it's a Marathon saddle.  The long side panels are soooo long that I think I would need an Aussie saddle pad to do much riding in it.  It seems to fit my horse alright.  I haven't had time to go on a looooong ride in it.  It might have to replace my OF for awhile.  I would appreciate anyone else's experiences with one.  My friend said today and I agree that the real test of a saddle comes at about 40 miles!!  I doubt I will get that much mileage in right now.  And, what would you consider a used one with no maker might be worth?  Thanks for all the advice I know I will get!  :)

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