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Re: RC: Wintec Saddles w/CAIR panel

In a message dated 1/19/02 4:10:22 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Yes, I have that saddle, and it is definately worth the extra money.  
 are no uneven sweat patterns and my mare moves better than before in it.  
 Plus, the saddle is very comfortable for the rider as well.

I got my new wintec with cair panels as well. I LOVE it so far. We've only 
had it for a couple of weeks but I can definitely feel a difference in the 
way my horse is moving. The sweat marks are all even, I have to adjust to the 
different riding position it puts me in( I feel more centered, I sat further 
back before) compared to my Tucker. But it is a breath of fresh air in 
comparison....the weight of the saddle is the best part, no more hoisting my 
27 pound Tucker, I now have a nine pound joints are in heaven.

If anyone is interested, my Tucker will be on e-bay shortly.


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