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Re: RC: Message from Endurance World Editor

While I am not in the business of selling magazines, I would like to
commend Endurance World for the excellence of their coverage of the
sport worldwide.   In addition to reading about riders, horses and
events in many countries, the veterinary articles are superb.  This
month's issue, for example, highlights an article entitled "Interpreting
Blood Values".  I believe that the majority of riders, no matter the
distance they ride nor the level at which they wish to perform, would be
most interested in learning more about dehydration, typing up, thumps,
exhaustion, the need for IV fluids, etc., etc., and how blood values are
interpreted.  Previous issues have covered very thorough topics on
lameness and other problems/solutions associated with this sport and the
stress we place on our horses.   This publication is another tool we can
all add to our arsenal of information in order to be better
horsemen/women.   Barbara Sanches, Pacific Southwest Region

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