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Message from Endurance World Editor

jennifer Nice
I have read with great interest the posts regarding the Tom Iver's letter
in Endurance World, and I've taken some careful notes for future
reference. I will neither defend Tom or my decision to print his letter.
"Letters to the Editor" is reserved for the readers, and anyone can choose
to submit a letter to me for publication. As with all publications,
"Letters to the Editor" are the views of the author and do not necessarily
reflect the views of the publication or its staff.
I would like to encourage more direct feedback from my US readers. Until
Tom's letter, its been pretty quiet.
I would like to clarify a few things. Endurance World magazine is not
soley for the "international" or "high-level" endurance rider. It is for
everyone who is interested in endurance around the world. However, as is
stated in the magazine's charter, the publication "focuses on the
upper-echelon of the sport."
It is a huge undertaking to cover endurance riding around the world. I can
not cover every event in every country. "Focusing on the upper-echelon of
the sport" has nothing to do with readers' aspirations. The magazine
focuses coverage on FEI events and greater-distance events. I am
consciously excluding LD events and most 50-mile events in all countries,
not just the US. This pertains to the news sections only. What is
published in the feature section is for everyone interested in information
about endurance, ie: medical care, training, nutrition, people, etc.
However, I do not deliver this information from an introductory point of
view. Some of the articles are more technical in nature. I don't think
Endurance World is the place for "An Introductory to....." articles.
Consider it the next step up in information.
The bottom line: Endurance World magazine is for every endurance rider
around the world. I encourage feedback from readers. If there is something
you would like to see in the magazine, let me know.
Finally, Endurance World is NOT a UAE magazine! The only reason it is
published in the UAE is because I am here working. The editor (me) is an
American citizen and member of AERC; so is the publisher, Ali Jassim. The
marketing and advertising director, Heather Wedderburn, is from the UK.
The contributors are from all over the world. Not a single on of them is
from the UAE

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