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My All-Madden Endurance Team

Hello,  i just got to thinking today about who i think are the BEST Riders out there who embody the Sport of Endurance.  These are the duct tape and baling twine kind of riders who if put on any horse anywhere would do the best job in my opinion. If they had sponsorship and the time to train they cold kick anyones butt anywhere especially the jockeys of the Middle East who have no bond or empathy with their mount except when its time to get in front of the cameras and be followed by Land Rovers.  Okay here goes.....  CeCelia Butler, Texas.  Ce Ce has been riding all her life and is tough, smart and a heck of a competitor.  Wendy Mattingly, West Virginia.  She rode Valerys horses til they got sold for the big bucks.  She's a lightweight rider who has such strength and grace and balance she is a jewel.  Joey Mattingly, Wendys brother from the Midwest.  Let me just tell you a story of how tough this guy is.  Michigan  Shore to Shore i was sittin on a guard rail eating an apple when i hear this crack like a bat hitting a ball.  i meander down next to Joey and say whats that to Joey.  A mule kicked him in the head w/out a helmet and he took the hit w/out falling down.  This guy is tough.  Now here is my final and its a sleeper.  Chryssie Unser  (of the famous Unser Racing family), California.  She makes no mistakes, has total control of her horse and makes the maximum out of every ride. She competed at the WEC in Kansas but FEI and its 'stuff' bummed her out on that.  I really don't want to slight anyone i don't know and i know there are plenty more of them out there that would have my respect if i knew of them. But, people just want to worship the current winner and this sport in America has second stringers that are tough to beat given the chance.  tom sites

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