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Re: ridecamp-d Digest V02 #74

Despite the tactful talk from supporters of running martingales and
other restraint devices (sometime necessary, always to be used with
caution) they don't cause or encourage much of anything. Their purpose
is to keep the horse's head from hitting your forehead if he or she
likes to throw it to the sky. That is not a bad purpose, maybe even a
noble one, but using a hold down device for more than emergency
restraint until you can train your horse not to do such nonsense is
limiting. Horses learn to lean on these kind of devices, mostly to their
detriment. Forward progress in training and suppleness, especially
sideways bend, is severely restricted.
I rode with running martingales when I was riding someone else's horses
and found them to be mostly irritating and sometimes dangerous.
Use it if you must, don't abuse it and know when to take it off.

Terry C

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