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Stops, was Running martingales

You need to TEACH a horse to stop.  As Ray Hunt says, "The reins are
attached to the feet. Otherwise, you're just pulling on the head."  He
also said "Some people think I'm a grumpy old man--I'm not here for you,
I'm here for the horse."  I can relate.
It's training, folks. No shortcuts.  
A Running Martingale has it's applications in good horsemanship as a
training aid, but is no more a solution to a training problem than is a
spade bit.  Which, by the way, is a superb piece of equipment in TRAINED
hands on A TRAINED horse. 
I have watched good trainers stop a horse from a wide-open gallop with NO
REINS at all.  Think about it.   Renie #1673

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