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RE: running martingale

I know very well the problem of a horse that ignores the bit.  
I agree that the halt or half-halt must come from your seat and legs, BUT 
this is all proper training and comes slowly, which doesn't help alot when 
you want to get out on the trail!
I bought a horse that had been on the track, and then was ridden abusively by 
someone who couldn't ride well. The result was a horse that just set himself 
against the bit and ran. It took almost a year and a half of serious arena 
work to get him soft and accepting and not to brace. In the mean time a 
hunter jumper friend of mine lent me a rubber pelham to use on the trail. 
After once being almost run into a train and once almost into a lumber pile 
because of no brakes I was willing to try anything! I HAD tried a martingale, 
but there's no fine control. The pelham worked well. I could use normal cues 
at all times, but the pelham was there when needed. I used it with short, 
intense jerks at first because as someone else mentioned, constant pressure 
never works.  I also used double reins so it was just a snaffle most of the 
time. After a couple years I still do all my trail riding and endurance rides 
in that same pelham. I rarely even use the reins much except to round him up 
if needed. But, I know and more importantly, he knows it's there!
Some people say some bits are too severe, but I agree that even the most 
severe bit is kind and effective in soft hands that know how to use them.

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