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Relocating to Georgia

> Jacque Muessig
> Can anybody tell me what the area near Stockbridge Ga. is like.
Possible relocation is there, and I would like to know what the riding in
that area is like.  Also the weather.  Willing to live 
> within 40 miles in any direction from Stockbridge, to get good training
trails  from home, and not too far from trailering to other spots.  

Poooor child.  I had to look at a map to see where the heck Stockbridge
was, and I live in North Georgia.  Dear, that's called ATLANTA. >shudder<
 Anything that almost falls in the noose of 285 is just called "Near
Atlanta."  Can you say, flat, hot, overdeveloped?  You'll soon see why
LD's are so big down there.  Not a lot of trails, and too darned hot and
humid to go any farther anyway.  You may as well leave your horse with
Jim and head North on the weekends.

Now that I've totally depressed'll be smack dab in the middle
of a bunch of wonderful endurance riders with a good State organization
(GERA).  We have lots of rides...Oconee (in your backyard) in March,
Soperton in April, Liberty Run in Augusta Spring and Fall, Longstreet's
Charge in May and Dawson Forest in August.  Rides are like a big family
reunion and everybody will welcome you in.  Makes up for the humidity and
if you go to enough competitions you won't need any trails at home. :-) 
Check just southeast of you near the Oconee National Forest though.
There's an endurance ride held there so apparently there are trails. 
Look up Peggy, the ride manager's number on the ride schedule and give
her a call. I'm sure she'd be happy to help you out.  By the way, the
Atlanta riders claim it's worth it to be near "the best in the world"
amenities, but if they dragged me down there I'd leave claw marks in the
pavement the whole way.

(Where's Sherman now that we need him?)
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