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Re: RC: Entry Fees


$3 per rider drug test fees in California.  So our riders pay $4 + $3 
= $7 in fees.   Add to that the $10 in non-member fees that 38 of my 
2001 riders paid-- $16 in fees for last year's ride.   Any other RMs 
had that many non-members do their ride?

I'd like to see some breakdown of what the non-member fees are used 
for.  Sure hope that it's somehow used for educating people who want 
to learn more about the sport--for which the website partially 
serves.  I'd like to make sure that the website's official rules keep 
up with the paper ones, and maybe that's a source of funds for 
getting it done.

Norco Riverdance Ride (PS) 8/31/02

>Actually, in all states except California, the total starting rider fees
>to AERC are $5.00...the breakdown is $4.00 recording fee (this includes
>the $1.00 increase per starting rider approved by the BOD in 2000) and
>$1.00 Drug Fee.  California has stated mandated drug testing and CA
>charges the event a fee per starting rider (I think).  If any other state
>charges a mandatory Drug Fee, then endurance rides in those states would
>not be charged the AERC Drug Testing Fee.  The Trails Fee is to be
>reconsidered at the Annual BOD Meeting in Reno (March)..
>IF it were approved at this meeting, then Starting Rider Fees paid to
>AERC in 2003 would be a total of $6.00 per starter with the breakdown as
>follows:  $4.00 to AERC, $1.00 for Drug Testing, $1.00 for Trails
>in response to:
>What is the status of the $1.00 added for trails at the mid year meeting?
>That would make fees $5.00.
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>From: "Barbara McCrary" <>
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>Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 9:58 AM
>Subject: Re: ride entry fees?
>>  Ride sanctioning and re-sanctioning fees are both $25 for the first
>>  $10 for each additional mileage on the same day.  Example: A one-day
>>  would be $25, a 75 and 100 would be $35, a 100-75-50 would be $45, etc.
>>  AERC rider fees are now $4 per starting rider.
>>  Barbara McCrary
>>  West region director
>>  Chair-Rules Committee
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>>  Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2002 5:21 PM
>>  Subject: RC: ride entry fees?
>>  > What is happening with prices this year??  Hold the same as last
>>  > make some changes for added AERC fees?
>>  >
>>  > Just wondering as I make up new flyers what others are doing.
>>  >
>>  > Thanks for input.
>>  >
>>  > Dot
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