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Re: RC: first LD ride, have questions


I will be attending Leatherwood doing the 50.  Last year, (and there is
always the possibility it will be different) all the vet checks were in
camp, right beside the barn. Couldn't ask for it to be easier.  I crewed
right out of my truck.

Joan Tipton crews for me, and we will be more than happy to help you,
explain the rules, the vet checks, etc.  Probably, you will not be in
the vet check at the same time with me.  Therefore, Joan will "crew" 
for you as well, as she has for many others. I assume you will be up
Friday nite. I'm camping in the "primitive" area (by Leatherwood
standards) I thought it was luxury! <grin>  Look us up Friday nite when
you get in. Dark Blue Chevy with 2 horse aluminum slant name
is on the side.

There is also usually a "newbie" session Friday nite after the ride
meeting. If so, be sure to attend...get all your questions answered.

Email me privately if you need more info..

Regards, Jim wrote:
> Jennifer Robinson
> Hello,
> I've just signed up for my first LD, at Leatherwood (I've heard the
> rumours, but my horse was raised in this area).  We competed in 5 CTR's
> last year so have a little experience with riding distance.
> My questions are these:
> 1. Is it necesarry to have a crew if only riding 25 miles and only
> planning on riding to finish this first time out?
> 2. How are the P&R stops different than CTR's.  I remember reading once
> that the stops were half an hour or so.
> Thanks, Jennifer and Zena (finally I get to trot mom!)
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